Tätringen Tekniska AB was founded in 1979 in Sweden and has since the start represented Parker-Prädifa GmbH, beeing one of the world leading manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic sealing solutions.

Tätringen Tekniska AB is a part of the Finnish Etola-Group. The main operations for Tätringen Tekniska and the sistercompany Tiivistekeskus OY is to provide the Swedish and Finnish market with high quality sealing solutions at competitive cost.

Togheter the two companies carry the largest stock within the Nordic countries with nearly 20.000 items. Efficient logistics and flexible production unit enable quick and flexible deliveries. We offer technical support, engineering service and high quality products. As a seal specialist Tätringen Tekniska and Tiivistekeskus OY has good know-how and over 45 years experience in sealing business.

Our main partners are: Parker-Prädifa,  Eriks, Seal-Jet and Krüger & Sohn.